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Change your business together

No upfront cost and risk

Tired of monthly membership and paying for services cannot measure? Pay-per-use and pay when you make money

Earn extra cash with your terms at your fingertips

Generate customized gift card with appropriate discounts with your terms and conditions. Distribute them whenever you need to whoever you like

Direct access to your customer data

Embrace your customers relationship, promote your brands directly and own your destiny via our CRM and customized targeting

Our vision and mission

We believe that even many of top rated and high-quality restaurants suffer from empty seats during the week. This could be very wasteful and costly for some of these restaurants who rely on the revenue all week long to meet their goals. One traditional way to tackle this problem is offering lower prices in off-peak hours. However, many of top-rated restaurants would not adopt some of the existing solutions due to the concern they have with regards to their brands image and operational complexity. Though we are not the first to provide a solution which addresses this big problem, we offer an easy and different solution.

With the help of technology and generating time-sensitive gift card with fixed face values, we can create a different market for off-peak hours consisting of diners who would not dine out otherwise. Additionally, with the growing penetration of online food delivery, many restaurants now lose not only money but also their direct connection with their most asset, who is loyal diners.

Dealpine would help our partners to bring the foot traffic back with the help of meaningful discounts which could attract the last-min diners. Dealpine will also monitor diners' experience at the restaurants and could create loyal network of the customer via the membership clubs. This could grow the acquisition of new and impulsive diners as well as existing loyal customers who don’t mind dining out again during the week in exchange for some discount from their favorite restaurants. Together, we can change the business by helping your restaurant to earn more revenue from slow hours while growing the pool of loyal customers.

On Demand

Switch on/off the distribution of your gift cards in real-time with a press of a button More...

Membership clubs

Create your own private club, add/delete members from that with the capability of generating exclusive Gift cards at anytime for your exclusive members More...

Last-min solution

Though you can use Dealpine whenever you want, we believe we offer one of the best-in-class last-min solutions through which you can generate discounts and distribute them to attract suitable and repeated diners More...

Measure the ROI

Our data-driven solution can offer an easy way to track and measure the success and performance of the gift card usage and revenue per diner More...

Build your Store fast

After signing up, you can build your own store in a few minutes. You can also upload a short and fun video of your own restaurant.

Generate & distribute gift card at your ease

In a few steps, you can generate the gift card of your own suited your pricing, set the duration you would like diners use and distribute to the network of our diners

Serve eager diners & earn cash

Diners would book your giftcards, they would come to your restaurants and check in. At the end, we would help you to automatically calculate how much diners have pay based on their deal. You would honor the deal and enjoy earing extra revenue from these diners.


As your committed partner to generate more revenue and help you to cover some of your variable and fixed cost in days/hours you are in need, we care more about our relationship with you. Our vision is to become a safe and trustworthy place for you to join and enjoy generating extra revenue without any operational or financial hassle. That’s why we only charge you off the booking fee our diners would pay upfront to reserve their gift cards. The rest would be between you and our valuable diners when the dining experience is finish.

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